Saul Junction

On Tuesday August 16th we left our mooring near Slimbridge and travelled to the end of the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. It was windy and with the wide open areas around the canal it felt a little like sailing.

Ferro-concrete barge near Purton

We moored up the junction with Sharpness Docks and investigated the “end of the line”. The views across the estuary are very fine and the remains of the old Severn Railway Bridge mark a reminder of bygone days.

Remains of the Swing Bridge section of the Severn Railway Bridge

Model of Severn Railway Swing Bridge section

End of the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal

The remains of Mary, Severn Trow

As we had a cup of coffee, the workboat/dredger Sabrina came down the river, through the docks and up the canal towards Gloucester. The exit from the docks requires two bridges to be swung. The high level bridge was swung manually using a capstan.

Swinging the bridge at Sharpness Docks

MV Sabrina (Latin name for the River Severn)

We walked over the areas where TS Vindicatrix(the training ship and camp) was located. The “end of the world” feeling was broken only by the sound of trucks loading a ship in the docks. As the tide went out we saw the remains of the old railway bridge piers in the river mud.

Sharpness Docks

The Docker’s Club overlooking the docks was recommended, and looked interesting, but we decided not to sample it. After lunch on board we left Sharpness and travelled back via Purton to Saul where we moored up overnight. The location, just after the junction, with views of the Forest of Dean and the Cotswolds, was idyllic.
We investigated Saul Junction, including the new marina and the Canal Heritage Centre. It is certainly a boating “honey spot” like Braunston and Fradley.

Saul Junction

Stroudwater Canal - Saul Junction

We watched a superb sunset over the Forest of Dean. It looked like a case of red sky at night – shepherd’s delight.

Sunset over the Forest of Dean