On Saturday (August 13th) we said farewell to our extra crew (Edward & Anne) who caught a train to Milton Keynes to pick up their car before heading south to a Ruby Wedding. We shall miss them. We headed down the Barge canal after picking up water in Netherwich Basin. It was reedy all the way; very reminiscent of the Northampton Arm.

Reeds! - Droitwich Barge Canal

A38 tunnel - Droitwich Barge Canal

We were alone all the way through Ladywood Locks but were joined by another boat just after we stopped for a sandwich lunch. The outlook from the Barge Canal is picturesque when you could see over the reeds. It was certainly difficult for walkers to see boats from the towpath.

The pound from lock 2 to lock 3 was also very shallow and we wondered how long it might take to reach the river. Our pace was well below walking – shades of our trip a few years ago to Wicken Fen. All the more galling when on a sharp blind bend we met a shallow drafted boat who was belting along in the opposite direction and only managed to stop by heading for the bank. They had the cheek to suggest that we might have to slow down!

Bevere Lock - River Severn

We dropped onto the Severn and had a swift journey down to a mooring at the racecourse at Worcester. There is a beer festival going on in the centre of the racecourse. By way of contrast, in the evening we visited the cathedral and managed to hear sung choral evensong. Tonight it's gala night for the Three Choirs Festival.