Boat Improvements

I've been doing some engine room improvements associated with electrics. Our Adverc Battery Monitor, which gave good service for many years, gave up the ghost when it got wet (engine overheating!). I decided to go down a slightly different route with the new monitor and purchased a Sterling ProCounter that monitors volts, amps and amp hours. I was also attracted by a Adverc Quick Monitor which is a voltage indicating LED that indicates approximate state of charge - "as it says on the tin". This should be useful to glance at when passing through the engine room.

Sterling Battery Monitor and Adverc Quick Check

For several years I have considered upgrading the Victron inverter/charger. Our original, that came with the boat, was a physically large (and heavy) quasi-sine wave version (circa 1995). I have now replaced it with a new Victron - a 12 volt/1200 watt/50 amp MultiPlus Compact. It is considerably smaller and lighter than its predecessor and has a better performance.

Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger

My last improvement was to add some new plastic signs to indicate the battery isolation switches. Previously I used some laminated self-made signs. These are much smarter. It is amazing what you can get designed and made on-line for very little cost.

Engraved plastic signs