Boxing Day Boating

We took the opportunity of the recent mild weather to go boating on Boxing Day. Our immediate family was with us over the holiday, so we all went on a short trip to Cosgrove and back. With the short winter days, it starts getting dark around 4:30, so you can't go too far.

We went down through Cosgrove Lock across the Iron Trunk, turned outside The Galleon and came back to Yardley Gobion. There were only few boats moving. In all we might have seen about half a dozen. We were certainly the only boat out of Kingfisher Marina. The important thing is, the trip included mooring up to have a tasty Cottage pie lunch.

Cosgrove Lock

Chris and Amelia

Our granddaughter Amelia has come onboard Albert before, and been on a trip along the Thames near Kingston, but this time she was able to appreciate boating more. She particularly liked the horn button - she tried it a few times when no other boats were around!

Amelia discovers the horn button

A memorable trip!