Thames Diamond Jubilee Pagent

I see that today they announced the list of vessels (powered and unpowered) for the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pagent on the River Thames. The list includes forty narrowboats but not, as Andrew Denny recently revealed, Granny Buttons.

The Narrowboat list is strong on community boating groups as might be expected and it was good to see a local representative in the Mountbatten Crusader. It is operated by the St John Ambulance, Northamptonshire and normally moors up at Gayton Junction. She is regularly seen about our area but appears to be a bit wider than 7ft. But still, who's counting.

Mountbatten Crusader at Stoke Bruerne

Amongst the boats in the Narrowboat section is also Beatty representing Merseyside. I presume that it is the Grundy family boat that we have met on several occasions; at Bath (2003), Brinklow(2004) and Preston Brook (2009). She is a wonderful example of an early converted working boat (built by Yarwoods at Northwich in 1936). The Beatty website  gives lots of great details and photographs of the boat during her working days and subsequently as a family leisure boat; it's a delight to read.

Converted working boat Beatty and Albert at Brinklow in July 2004

It is also good to see a strong rowing contingent with crews from Putney Town Rowing Club, Twickenham Rowing Club, Leicester Rowing Club, and Weyfarers Rowing Club.

Finally,  the press release labels the leisure cruiser section "The Tupperware Navy" but narrowboats avoided the equivalent label of "ditch crawlers"!