Scumbling Lockers and Goodbye to Dulux Brushwood?

When we bought Albert the well deck has two steel side lockers that were scumbled, using the usual interior grade paint and protected with varnish, . We quickly realised that this was impractical and changed to the excellent Dulux Brushwood that is used for Albert's exterior decoration. However, after around 6 years of wear and tear the top surface was looking scruffy (chipped) so Maggie and I decided to jointly have a go at renewing it.

The paint we used we had "in stock" in case Dulux withdrew it. It appears they may have done just that since there is now no mention of it on their main web site. Ronseal Paint & Grain looks similar but it is only recommended for use indoors. It's a good job we have a reasonable amount of Brushwood still available- we may need it if we have to get Albert's scumbling decoration refreshed.

We had been planning to do the job since the autumn but kept putting it off. The great weather for painting (but not water levels) over the weekend meant we could get on with it. It was good fun sorting out the faux planking - I based it on 2 inch wide planks and tried to mimic a morticed construction.

Here are the results.

Scumbled locker

Maggie did one locker and I did the other and we compared results. The above is Maggie's - her first attempt at scumbling. The pity is, because we step onto the boat using the lockers we partially hide our handy work under a mat.


Scumbled locker and mat

Maybe we will soon be able to get away on our travels. Let's hope the water saving restrictions and stoppages don't cause us too many problems.