Bugsworth Basin

On Tuesday we set off in bright sun down the Upper Peak Forest Canal to the famous Bugsworth Basin.  The Peak Forest clings to the side of the Goyt Valley and there are great views of the peaks including Kinder Scout.

Swing Bridge, Upper Peak Forest Canal

We moored up in the lower basin and explored the site for the afternoon. The literature available at the site is marvellous and describes the transhipment of lime, the boats, and the important tramways that brought material down from the peaks to the canal. There is plenty of evidence of the tramlines since they used stone sleepers. A small section of rail, on one of the bridges, remains.

We found some seasoned visitors moored up in some of the backwaters of the site, but quite honestly it is such a wonderful site that any of the mooring locations are great. Although the site has a 48hr limit it appears from the signage that they are not particularly strict about the limit when there is not much pressure on moorings.
Bugsworth Upper Basin

Mooring in the lower basin at Bugsworth

Plaque commemorating the Engineers and the first Wharfinger

Excellent model of the site when working - made out of cast iron 

That evening we had a great meal in the Navigation Inn alongside the basins with Stephen & Gail Cannon, Maggie's brother and sister-in-law. We can recommend both the ale, cider and the food. That night we went to sleep to the sound of the a stream rushing over a nearby weir - quite soporific.