Paired-up with NB Ellie May at Gargrave Locks

Today the weather started improving, and it became sunny for a period in the afternoon. The stretch of canal between Gargrave and Greenberfield is delightful. It also contains the little jewel of East Marton. To avoid problems with water levels at our mooring we decided to leave early - 8:00. Overnight the levels on the pound at Gargrave dropped again. About 11 o'clock we found Albert listing quite badly. I took a trip to the lock gates to check if all was well. All was well apart from the level being about a foot down. However, by the morning levels were back where they should be. Why the level dropped and then came back up was a mystery.

We arranged to leave with Norman and Pat from NB Ellie May. Going up the rest of Gargrave flight was straightforward. Bank Newton locks are close together, and have a great setting. The views over the Pennines are spectacular. The section between Bank Newton and East Marton has some of the finest canal scenery anywhere. The canal twists along a contour but at each turn there is another stunning view across the Pennines.

Bank Newton Locks

Short boat breasted up at Bank Newton Locks

Meeting boats coming down the flight, Bank Newton

We stopped at the delightful East Marton. We moored up and visited Abbot's Harbour cafe. It was busy with lots of cyclists and walkers. Unfortunately, it was so busy that food orders had about an hour delay. As a result we returned to Albert for lunch. Judging by its popularity, Abbot's Harbour is a good cafe - just book on Sundays.

Ewe and lambs drinking from the canal

Bridge near East Marton

East Marton

East Marton's famous Double Bridge

Roller for horse boats, East Marton

Church at East Marton

We left NB Ellie May at East Marton and travelled along the slightly less twisty section to Greenberfield. This section is also delightful with lots of small rounded hills in the foreground and the more majestic moors in the background. We went up the locks alone and there were few boats around. We moored up for the night by Greenberfield village just above the top lock. The views, even from the village are great. We are now in Lancashire.

Mason's marks at Greenberfield Locks