On Sunday morning the weather was again bright but it was windy. Attica left early to get through Leeds to their base at Apperley Bridge. Red Admiral, Mrs Nippy and Albert left together for Leeds.

Thwaite Mills, Leeds (River Aire)

The journey was very pleasant, with the weather fine, and we arrived at Leeds Lock late morning. We had passed a group of boats going downstream. It turned out that they were stuck in Clarence Dock because of high river levels. BW had closed the gates to the dock.

Mills by the River Aire, Leeds

Leeds Lock & Royal Armouries

Albert moored up outside the Royal Armouries, Clarence Dock, Leeds
We found a good mooring in Clarence Dock. We had a choice of two and selected the on at the end of the floating pontoon. Later we found out that it was a mooring allocated by BW to a new trip boat that was coming down  from Skipton. There was no sign indicating that the mooring was not available and by then no other moorings were available in the dock. We went for a walk into the town and on the way found the said trip boat (NB Apollo) coming out of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal onto to river. We introduced ourselves to the operators who were charming about us being, inadvertently, on their mooring. We sorted out the problem by breasting-up overnight. The basic problem in Clarence Dock is not the shortage of moorings, but the shortage of those available for visitors. There are loads of moorings behind the two movable bridges but they are not readily available because the bridges are rarely operated.

NB Apollo at Leeds - the new Clarence Dock trip boat

We explored Leeds for the rest of the day and enjoyed its superb facilities. Maggie particularly enjoyed the fashionable shops in the arcades. We had tea at Harvey Nicholls!
The wonderful Country Arcade, Leeds

River Aire emerging from the Dark Arches under Leeds Railway Station

River Aire, Under the Dark Arches
Former offices of the Aire & Calder Navigation Company

Crown Point Bridge, Leeds

Today, Monday, we spent more time in Leeds. We had lunch at the Dock Lane Market. In the afternoon we helped Hugh, from the trip boat Apollo, move moorings and also acted as his first passengers on a practice run up river to Victoria Bridge. 
NB Apollo breasted-up against Albert at Clarence Dock

NB Apollo

Hugh steering NB Apollo on the River Aire, Leeds

This afternoon we also met the owner of Apollo, David Lowe, who we met in Manchester with his boat Swallow. We found out a lot about its history, but more of that another time. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Leeds. Tomorrow we depart for the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.