Pollington, Aire & Calder Navigation

We are on the move again. Yesterday we returned to Staniland Marina via train. We refuelled, bought gas, and had a pump out -  ready to go. We shall miss Thorne.

We hoped that water levels had dropped sufficiently to continue up the New Junction Canal towards Leeds. The trip down to Bramwith, and the junction, was uneventful except it was windy. When we got to Bramwith looking over the bank towards the guillotine flood gates we found that one was up and one was down - all very confusing. A discussion with a moored up boater ensued. They had been closed earlier in the morning so they were in the process of being raised. The double chambered Bramwith Lock was confusing to operate (manually) and it appeared to have leaky bottom gates making it difficult to fill. However, with some local advice from BW staff and a passing boater we go through with no real problem.
Fishlake near Stainforth
Stainforth High Bridge

The River Don flowing under the aqueduct was still high, only a few feet below, and spray was coming off the upwind (and upstream) structure. There was an enormous pile of debris held upstream of the aqueduct. It must be dramatic when the aqueduct is over topped.

Don Aqueduct, New Junction Canal

Turning north, the wind was less of a problem and it also abated as the day progressed. The journey was punctuated by the swing and lift bridges and the Sykehouse Lock.

Lift Bridges on the New Junction Canal

Sykehouse Lock has a swing bridge crossing the lock chamber - similar in concept to Fenny Stratford Lock on the Grand Union. Because it is automatic the procedure for operation is complex. Once a BW key is placed in a central console the swing bridge can be opened. Then the rest of the procedure is controlled by other consoles at either end of the very long lock. All very different from most locks.

Sykehouse Lock, New Junction Canal

As the weather improved through the day we turned onto the Aire of Calder canal and mooring up just short of Pollington Lock on the visitor moorings.

Crossing the River Went (in flood), New Junction Canal

Power station near Snaith from the Aire & Calder Navigation

We took a late afternoon walk into the delightful village of Pollington. We managed to pick up some vegetables and rhubarb from a stall at a local farm. We hope that tomorrow levels on the River Aire are low enough that we can continue towards Leeds.