Diamond Jubilee weekend through Stone

We left Barlaston in drizzle and although it didn't rain "properly" all day, it was cloudy and cold. This made the flags and the bunting on the boats and houses lining the canal, for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, appear incongruous.

Motor Tench moored up in Stone

Roger Fuller's Yard, Stone

As we reached Stone it got busier and by the time we went down the locks we were in queues. There we lots of boats on the move in both directions. At Aston, just south of Stone, we lined up with five boats. The new marina at Aston contained lots of boats, good job they were not out on the cut as well.

Queuing at Aston Lock

We stopped for services at Stone and shopped at the excellent Farmer's Market.The food on sale was tempting and we succumbed. Our servicing at Stone Boatbuilding including a pump-out. When I asked for a pump out the manager asked us not to laugh at their pump out facility. When it arrived we unfortuntely did.

The Pooh Lorry - or should it be Poo

We moored up near Sandon in a good location with a number of other boats. Hire boats from both Great Haywood & Stone kept passing all evening. With all the moorings at Stone full (and presumably those at Great Haywood) I wonder where they will end up tonight.