Aynho Village

Earlier in the week we took a walk around the village of Aynho. It lies about a mile away from the wharf up the hill. It is a picturesque stone village and is renowned for the apricot trees that grow on the walls of cottages.

Apricot trees at Aynho

The stately home in the village, Aynhoe Park that was once owned by the Cartwright family was having a sale of unusual items organised by Christies. As a result a film-set spaceship was on display in the garden.

The Martians have landed in Aynho!

Next door to Aynhoe Park is the village church - St Michael. On Sunday they were having their harvest festival and selling cream teas. We could hardly resist! The church is unusual. Evidently it used to be a "conventional" Northamptonshire village church with a Norman tower and nave. However in 1723 it was modernised by the Cartwrights and has a Georgian main building attached to the original Norman tower. It is a bit like having a London church attached to a village church tower.

St Michael, Aynho
Aynho Station - shame it isn't open
An immaculate Bentley was parked by the wharf.  It had some interesting modifications to make it more suitable for modern traffic including telescopic rear shock absorbers and front disc brakes built into the original drums - what a fine machine! I bet it's fun to drive around the Cotswolds.

Vintage Bentley at Aynho Wharf