On Sunday morning, before dawn broke, we go up and drove down to Henley on Thames to support our family who were running the Henley Half Marathon. It was still, misty and frosty as dawn broke and there were some fog patches along the M40. However, it was clear that it was going to be a crisp dry autumn day. The sun began to burn off the mist as we arrived in Henley and we found that the designated car park, part of the rugby club, was alongside the Thames. A pair of cruisers was moored overnight yards from the car park. If our plan to boat to Henley had come off we could have moored there, for £8 a night, and waited for our runners - ah well maybe next time.

Although the river was not in flood, and all warning boards had been lifted, the river had burst its banks last week because part of the car park was still under water. It made for an interesting photo. The Thames is beyond the cruisers.

Cruisers moored at Henley next to a flooded field
Misty town reach
Sculling in the mist at Henley

While we waited for the race to start we watched numerous crews training along the regatta course. With a 10k road race, a half marathon and numerous cyclists the town was busy with sport.

The run went well and we watched and applauded the 1600 runners with our grandchildren.

Andy, Chris & Lucy - half marathoners

Our "team" did well and completed the course in times they were proud of. We then returned back to Aynho.