Fireworks at Yardley Gobion

On Saturday night, November 10th - not the customary 5th, Kingfisher Marina held its annual bonfire night event. It is a great event for "getting to know the neighbours". The neighbours in this case being our fellow moorers.

This year followed the usual successful format. Wholesome food was provided in the pole barn by a team of marina personnel and the fireworks were supplied by all those attending - a bit like a bring-a-bottle party but with fireworks (and bottles). The emphasis for many years has been on buying single impressive fireworks rather than lots because, with many people attending, setting off the fireworks can take some time. Over recent years fireworks have got better and better. The "biscuit box" variety are very suitable.

As usual the team of Jon and Ian from Baxters let off the fireworks and did a great job of mixing and matching them. Below is a short video of the display, The great thing about the marina display is that although it is an amateur display the fireworks are large enough to make an impression because you are relatively close.

Fireworks, November 2012

The bonfire, fuelled by tree prunings, old material from a boat refit and some broken pallets, lasted well into the evening. Unlike one year, when there was high wind and smoke enveloped the marina, the cold still night and plenty of fuel meant there was a hot roaring fire.

During the evening we got to know two families who moor close by who we had not met before. Unlike us, who have moored at Kingfisher for over 10 years, both were newcomers. One couple had started mooring at Yardley a year ago but the others had arrived just last week. That night, like quite a few other boaters, we slept on board.

Spent Fireworks