Kingfisher Marina in the Snow

We visited Albert today (Monday) after the heavy snow of the last few days. Living close to Yardley Gobion we estimate that around 10 inches (250 mm) has fallen since last Thursday evening. The canal was iced over, as you might expect, but as the temperature today only dropped to around -1 deg C the ice wasn't that thick. At least the boats were not frozen "rock" solid as in 2010/11.

Picture post card views of snowy marina

Only the phographer's footprints in the snow

Great patterns on the stern fenders and Turks head ropework

Lost poles and planks - just the exhaust is visible

On the next boat the snow bridged between the staging and the gunwhales

Pretty ice pattern on NB Rangitoto

More pretty patterns on ropes and fenders

Below these deep rectanglar "pillows" of snow are some mats!

Sterns, bows and ropes all with heavy snow deposits