Birmingham (Mailbox)

We have arrived at our first major destination, Birmingham.

This morning we travelled up the northern Stratford Canal towards Kings Norton Junction - no locks apart from the stop lock at the junction with the Worcester and Birminham. There was however the lift bridge at Shirley - called The Drawbridge for some reason. Being a busy crossing if is automated and only requires the usual BW key.

We turned onto the Worcester and Birmingham canal through the newly-refurbished guillotine stop lock and travelled towards Birmingham.

Kings Norton Junction - Worcester & Birmingham and Stratford Canals

All was plain sailing, and very quiet, until we got to Bournville. Just by Cadburys there was a large bundle of wood floating under the bridge blocking navigation. We stopped and Maggie moved it aside using our boat hook. Unfortunately in the process we picked up something large around the propeller. We limped along to the moorings by the station and I went down the weed hatch. The large object turned out to be a duffel bag. The water was really cold even with gloves on!

Egbaston tunnels - rail and canal
We decided that lunch at Bournville was a good idea but we then moved on into the city. Even though we have been into Birmingham via this route quite a few times, once again there were changes with lots of new offices and flats.

Window cleaners on a new high rise building at Salvage Turn
We stopped at Holiday Street Wharf for water (slow tap) and then moored up just around the corner in front of The Mailbox. There were only a couple of boats moored up on this stretch - quite different from summer.

Mooring up at The Mailbox, Birmingham
The Mailbox at night; note the reflection on Albert's cabin side (right)