Dudley, Black Country Museum


We are on the move again after our pause for the snow & ice. We returned to Albert last night after a train journey. The boat was cold! We just had to get the heating going as soon as possible. There was much less snow than when we left on Monday but there were still slippery spots all across Birmingham.

Icicles under St Vincent Street Bridge

We picked up coal and gas from the wharf and said farewell to Charlie from Felonious Mongoose, and made our way along the mainline towards Wolverhampton. There was plenty of ice on the canal but thankfully it was thin and we could break it easily. There were also spectacular icicles under some bridges. One large icicle even fell into the canal in front of Albert as we passed under Spon Lane Bridge.
Rubbish Clearance Barge - Birmingham Mainline
Looking back towards Engine Arm Aqueduct
Galton Pumphouse
Looking back towards Galton Tunnel and Bridge
Complex of bridges and aqueducts - Stewart aqueduct and M5
Looking towards Dudley Port Junction
At Factory Locks there was some sheet ice but it wasn't very thick. However, the bottom lock was full of rubbish including a dead badger. True to form we picked up some of the rubbish around the propeller and I had to go down the weed hatch. Clearing the propeller under normal circumstances is far from pleasant but this was icy cold! Double gloves helped a bit.

A rubbish filled Factory Lock Tipton
After leaving Factory Locks we diverted toward the Black Country Museum and moored up a their visitor moorings. The sun had begun to shine (briefly) and we were able to spruce up the boat - Maggie polished the brass and I washed the roof which was filthy after the snow had melted.
Dudley Canal Trust Boat entering Dudley Tunnel
Moored up at the Black Country Museum

Sunshine- looks like spring until you see the snow!