Going up Hatton

On Monday we woke to ice on the cut at Saltisford but the sun was shining. It didn't take long before it started melting.

An icy morning at Saltisford Arm
Our daughter, son-in-law, and his parents all joined in to help us.  Grandson Hugh, at six months, was a little too young to join in but he enjoyed every minute. The weather was bright and sunny all the way up the flight, what a welcome change from recent days. With a good complement of crew we made good progress and found ourselves catching up another crew going up the flight. They waited for us and we went up the rest of the flight with 10 operating the locks! We made the top lock in 2 3/4 hours and then went to the excellent Top Lock Cafe for lunch. It was great fun working as a team.
Maggie and Grandson Hugh on the lockside

Tiffany Foster operating paddle gear with Maggie & Hugh watching

Doubled up with an Anglo Welsh hire boat entering a lock

Passing two boats going down the flight
After lunch our family left for home and we moved on to the moorings at Tom O'Woods near Rowington. The weather deteriorated and we had some hail.