Still in the Snow at Birmingham

The snow on Sunday morning was even deeper and light flurries continued to fall most of the day. It was clear that travelling down the Birmingham Main Line was not an option, at least for the day, so we stayed put at Sherborne.

Albert well covered with snow and ice

Even more snow

Waterway Routes (moored alongside) well covered with snow

Hot air from the mushroom vents melting snow
We stayed on board in the morning but ventured out into the snow and ice in the afternoon. We visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to look at the Pre Raphaelites, an exhibition on the development of Birmingham, and the famous Staffordshire Hoard. We had very nice tea and cakes in the splendid Edwardian Tea Rooms.  
Tomorrow we hope to move on to Dudley as long as conditions don't deteriorate. The forecast is for continuing cold weather but snow doesn't look imminent. We are certainly getting through our coal and gas.