Saturday morning was bright and sunny at Tixall after the mist cleared. What could be better than looking over the wide with the sun shining from a clear blue sky and the water looking like glass!


Our friendly swan at Tixall

Tixall Wide reflections
We retuned to Great Haywood so we could continue down the Trent & Mersey. Our plan is to move Albert to Foxton. We stopped off to pick up some supplies and then proceeded to Colwich Lock. Shugborough Hall looked grand across the fields.
We rarely go through Colwich without some delay and today was no exception. However, this was nothing like the delays we have experienced in the summer.
Bishton Hall, near Colwich
The weather stayed bright and sunny all day making the trip through Ravenshaw Woods particularly delightful.

Steve operating Woodend Lock
Fradley Junction on a sunny Saturday afternoon
Fradley Junction was not busy, so far as boats were concerned but the were loads of bikers mostly with large slow-revving models (Harleys etc) outside The Swan. South of the junction we passed fellow blogger Nev Wells from NB Percy who was concentrating on his fishing.
Leaving Keeper's Lock, Fradley
We moored up just below Bagnall Lock at Alrewas. As we arrived at Alrewas we noticed the eye-catching graffiti, presumably a community project, celebrating the London Olympics. The cartoon of the Queen, James Bond and the corgis really amused us - what fun!

Olympic Graffiti under Bridge 49A, Alrewas

It was after dark that were heard the familiar sounds of a Bollinder. NB Minnow was using the winding hole just behind us. With no reverse they were poling her around.