Debdale Wharf, Foxton

After yesterday's exertions today just had to be less hard work and it was. However, boating is never that straightforward.

We left Kilby Bridge but took on water at the wharf before we left. The hire boat crew, who were hoping to get to either Foxton or Market Harborough that day, agreed to team up with is again.

Top Lock, Newton Harcourt
The weather was bright and sunny for most of the day but there were occasional clouds and it was windy. For the first part of the day we were accompanied by a team of CRT contractors cutting the grass. Their work rate was impressive. Although there was a lot of floating weed in the canal, and I had to use Albert's keb to clear a couple of locks, all went well until we reached Pywells lock. We had to wait whilst a boat in front went up the locks singly. There was also another single boat ahead but the crew of the following boat had insisted on working alone - some people like to make life difficult.

After some delay we were ready to operate the lock. Unfortunately, the wind had got up and was blowing right across the lock entrance - "the wrong sort of wind". After four attempts at getting Albert into the lock under her own power, we eventually got her in thanks to a CRT operative and some bow hauling. We then got stopped from entering Kibworth Top Lock by the local CRT supervisor who insisted that he water needed to be sent down the flight just as we were about to enter the lock - always expect the unexpected?

Wistow Church

Saddington Tunnel

Albert moored at Debdale Wharf
(using our tall chimney for the fire)
We stopped for lunch just after Kibworth and finally made Debdale around 4:30PM. A relatively easy day after the previous two long days.