Debdale to Foxton

With fine sunny weather on Sunday we took Albert out from Debdale Wharf for a trip to Foxton and back. Our daughter Emily and grandson Hugh joined us. Hugh, aged 9 months, had a great time playing in the well deck. It made a good play pen.

Hugh having a great time in the well deck

As we got near Foxton the towpath became busy but boat traffic was light. At Foxton "the world, his wife and his children" were enjoying being gongoozlers. We moored up in a prime position right opposite the lock flight. The trip boat Vagabond was doing brisk trade.

Hugh and Foxton Locks

We got into the Foxton Locks Inn just before 12:30. It was already busy but we managed to get a table outside and enjoyed a Sunday Roast under a parasol. When we left there were queues for the tables. A bit of a change from our last visit on a Monday in February when there were only two couples in the restaurant! 

Foxton Locks Inn

After lunch we strolled up the locks and watched a couple of boats go through. An ice cream at the cafe by the top lock made a good dessert.

Leaving the bottom lock

When we got back to boat I was doing a bit of investigation on the engine when Keith and Jo from Hadar turned up and said hello. We had a good chat about engines moorings and boating in general. They were moored up just at the start of the Market Harborough branch. We then returned to Debdale and our temporary home mooring.