Camera Found!

I contacted CRT about my lost Canon SLR camera on Sunday morning. Working back over what had happened on Saturday, I thought that I may have left it on the bench outside the lock  keepers office by the top lock. We took on water there and I remembered sitting on the bench and thinking that I should take a photo, but the old brain cells failed to register if I did or if I didn't. What I clearly remembered was that I took a photograph of the working boat NB Cassiopeia earlier in the day and that all the way down the Watford flight of locks I had used my iPhone to take photos not my SLR.  

CRT came back to me later on Sunday to report that that the volunteer lock keepers who were on duty on Saturday were not on again until Monday and they couldn't say if the camera was found. I therefore "left it in their hands". Unfortunately, I got no response on Monday and I was only able to get through to the Leicester Section supervisor on Thursday morning. Later in the day I heard the great news that the lock keepers had found it on the bench on Saturday and they were keeping it safe in their office. What a relief! I didn't fancy the hassle of the insurance claim and I like my "old camera".

Today we travelled up to Watford Locks to collect the camera. Alison and Bill Root, who had found and kept it safe in their office, were on duty again. On Sunday, when we went down the flight, they were very busy so we had supplied them with cups of tea and some slices of Maggie's lemon drizzle cake whilst we waited our turn. The cake went down well then, so as a thank you, today we exchanged the camera for a a whole cake of the same. Many thanks to the lock keepers: All's well that ends well.

Making the exchange - lemon dizzle cake for camera
Lock Keepers Alison & Bill Root

Here, for the record, is the photo that I couldn't quite remember taking at the top of Watford Flight just before I lost the camera. The bench on the left, where Edward Winter is sitting, is where I left the camera.

Albert taking on water at Watford Top Lock

Here is the last photograph that I could remember taking!

Nb Cassiopeia near Crick