Boat Polishing

I have always polished Albert by hand, but noticing that  NB Yarwood and MB Willow have both used two-handed electric polishers to refresh their paintwork I decided to do the same. I purchased the polisher via the web for a little over £20 and made a suitable extension that would allow me to use the marina mains supply when at home and the on-board 240v ac when on the cut.

Two weeks ago I washed Albert thoroughly and polished the most faded side of the boat (south facing) in the marina. Last weekend when the weather was glorious (unlike this weekend) so we took Albert to Cosgrove to her turn around and finish the other side. With some Craftmaster Carnauba Wax polish the paint work came up fine. I am impressed with the polisher - far less effort than by hand and it gives a much more even finish.

Polishing Albert at Cosgrove

The Result

Maggie was so inspired with the result she just had to clean and polish the windows.
Window Cleaner