New Carpet

Today Albert got a new carpet. After close on 20 years the green wool carpet in the saloon and bedroom was looking a bit grubby and we decided to splash out on a new polypropylene carpet of a similar shade.

The carpet fitter from Stony Stratford did a great job and the weather was relatively kind. We emptied the loose furniture from the saloon in the morning just before a hailstorm hit Yardley Gobion. We stored it in the pole barn at Kingfisher Marina. The fitter arrived shortly after the storm at around 11:30 and by 2:15 in the afternoon the job was done.

I admire the way carpet fitters manage to cope with such complex shapes as that in the bedroom and bathroom of Albert. His reaction to the job was "yes that's no problem" but he did gasp when the boat rocked - I hadn't even noticed it! Apparently when fitting another local boat he had felt quite seasick. You do tend to get immune to the boat's motion.

Albert's new carpet