Return to Aston

On Sunday the weather was glorious. We left Tixall by winding, always good fun in the expanse of the wide.

Winding at Tixall Wide

At Great Haywood junction, as a portent of things to come, we found boats coming down the Staffs & Worcester and going past along the Trent & Mersey. As we passed Haywood marina the steerer of a boat going south said "there are a couple of boats ahead". The "couple" turned out to be half a dozen as we joined a queue of five at Hoo Mill lock. Still there are worst places to spend a sunny Sunday morning.

Progress remained slow and we had to queue at Weston Lock where, although we lost one boat in the "convoy", we picked up another which had been moored up. As we waited to enter Weston Lock NB Harnser came south. It wasn't the blogger.

Heron in flight
We stopped for lunch just south of Sandon lock, with temperatures well into the twenties, and then made our way back to Aston Marina. There were lots of visitors enjoying the sunshine, taking refreshments on the deck or simply gongoozling. Our journey home by train went OK, at least there was a driver at Rugby - not like our last Sunday journey south. However, again at Rugby, the air conditioning compressor above our seats developed a dreadful noise and we had to move seats.

All in all a great short break.