Return to Aston Marina

NB Narrow Minded at Aston Lock

On Monday we had a good trip in sunny weather from Barlaston to Aston, arriving at lunchtime. The Meadford and Stone Locks were mostly set in our favour but there was a small queue at Aston where we again met the canoeist from Northampton. He had spent the night camping by the lock. His first reaction was "it's been like this since 7:30 - busy, busy".

Just above the lock was a boat with 17 padlocks and window covers; it also sported a very precarious motor-bike rack with a large "Fragile" sign and a very tall frame above the cruiser stern. The stern fender is under the rack - I wonder how that is supposed to work. The boat is called Narrow Minded - hmm!

We washed and packed up the boat  and returned home. Great short trip. For our first time down the Caldon we had rain. For this our second time it was cloudy and we had occasional sun. For the next time - who knows? We will certainly have to try to get to Leek.