Mirror Image

Whilst re-organising my office recently I came across a Waterways World issue from back in 2006 with a bit of a story so I thought I should re-tell it. 

Although this was an April issue, and WW has been known to run some great April fools, it was the cover of this edition that raised eyebrows not the "fool" story of magnetic moorings for boats contained in the Towpath Telegraph news section. 

The cover (above) features a working boat making its lonely way across the Fens. The name of the ex-FMC boat cannot easily be identified which is just as well because that would instantly give the game away - the photograph had been reproduced in mirror. How can you tell? - working boat cabin chimneys are always on the left (port) of the cabin not on the right. The next month they issued an apology.

My collection of Waterways World, which extends back to the late 1990's, has grown so much it has to be consigned to deep storage - otherwise known as the garage.