Gongoozler's Rest

We often visit Braunston by boat, we occasionally visit by car, mostly to visit chandlers and fender makers, but we rarely visit Braunston with the aim of finding somewhere for lunch. This week was the first. I needed to visit a chandlers for some supplies associated with a job I was doing on Albert and Maggie and I got there just in time for a late lunch. Various possibilities came to mind but we decided to try Gongoozler's Rest, the narrowboat cafe just outside the Stop House.

Gongoozler's Rest Cafe, Braunston

When visiting Braunston with Albert we usually eat lunch on board so this was a first. With the early spring (or is it late winter?) sun shining bright the cafe was doing a roaring trade serving walkers, dog walkers and (of course) gongoozlers. With 12 seats (covers) we had to wait to be served for about 10 minutes  but watching the world go by on bench was fun. A lunch of bacon toasties with a side salad and a cafetiere of coffee was just perfect. It is a great cafe and to be recommended although don't try going there for afternoon tea, they only open 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. However, they are open 7 days a week except over the Christmas period.

Maggie choosing a toastie

The Gongoozler's Rest boat is a Springer. When we sat down,. with such a light craft, we had expected some movement. However, with full tanks, heavy kitchen equipment and 15 on board (12 customers and three staff) she sat firmly on the bottom and didn't move. It was only when there were just four customers on board did she actually started to rock.

We must arrange more lunchtime visits to the chandlers in Braunston!

The mooring for the cafe also has a history as it was here that the Brays moored up in their retirement when carrying coal from the Midlands to the Jam Ole in Southall ceased. A plaque on the bridge gives deatails.