Battery Monitor - Version 3

We started monitoring battery conditions (domestic) using an Adverc System DCM when about 10 years agoI installed and Adverc Battery Management System. This worked well for a number of years until one of the selector switches gave up the ghost. I then went for a Sterling system being attracted by its ampere counter facility. It has worked OK but recently the results were a little erratic and I decided that, since I was about to replace the batteries, I would look for a new higher performance monitor.

I went for a Victron BMV 702. It has smart features such as % charge and amp hours left, temperature monitoring etc. The only problem with installing it was I had to strip out all the wiring from the old monitors since it was on the positive side of the circuit and mount the new shunt and its interface on the negative, This entailed quite a bit of re-wiring but the installation now looks a lot neater. I also installed a second Adverc Easy Check LED system which is an invaluable tool for keeping tabs on batteries. As you walk through the engine room you can instantly detect and battery/charging problems by the colour of the LED. The new LED monitors the engine start battery, the old one the domestic. Hopefully the system and batteries will work as we travel north over the next few days.

Battery monitoring - Version 3
(Victron BMV 702 plus two Adverc Easy Check LEDs)

Battery monitoring - Version 2
(Sterling Power Management plus one Adverc Easy Check LED )

Battery monitoring - Version 1 
(Adverc DCM monitor top left with Adverc BM system to control charging on bottom right)