Blog Milestone

A few days ago, at the beginning of the month, we passed another blog site milestone - a decade of posting!

Much has changed over the last ten years with blogs coming and going and other digital formats coming on stream (Facebook and Twitter)

Albert's Google statistics

Google's statistics record our site as having around 200,000 all-time page views for the 688 posts. It is interesting to note what posts over the years have been the most popular.

I suppose that it was always likely that a post describing Albert's Ruston engine would generate by far the most interest, but three themes emerge from the data. Firstly, any post giving basic information on boating-related topics appears to be of interest. A post reporting the demise of the excellent Dulux scumbling paint, a post about TV reception, and my views on tunnel lights have all received plenty of interest. Secondly, it is good to know that my reviews of old waterways books are actually appreciated although it appears they may be a "bit of an acquired taste". Thirdly, an element of humour appears to generate some interest as my quirky post about wellies embedded in the bank at Stoke Bruerne (Cement Shoes) demonstrates.

To all my readers, infrequent or casual, from the UK or further afield - thanks for "calling". Please come again.