Solar Eclipse 2015

I posted about the 1999 eclipse shortly before today's eclipse was due in the Stoke Bruerne area because at that time we had a thick blanket of cloud above us and no view of the sun. However, as the allotted time arrived we suddenly got a thinning of  the cloud base and, as if by magic, we got some good glimpses of the event through some rolling clouds.

Solar Eclipse in Northamptonshire, 20 March 2015 

I managed to take the image above by holding my SLR camera at arms length and observing the image through the eyepiece with the camera body obscuring the sun's direct illumination - not an authorised method but it worked.  

As with our experience on the Llangollen Canal, the temperature dropped as it gradually became darker. Now after the event we have clear blue skies and it's becoming a warm day. It might have actually been helpful for viewing that we had some clouds to reduce the sun's intensity.