Granny on the Move

Back in February Free Spirit (a.k.a. Jameisons Afloat) posted about the whereabouts of Granny Buttons on the cut, wondering when a new post might appear on Granny's site. Andrew Denny's last post was in August 2012. I commented on the Free Spirit site that the lack of posts was probably because Andrew might be a little busy with his job as Assistant Editor for Waterways World.

Today, as we made our way along the Coventry Canal to Fradley, my mind was wandering and as we got the Streethay Wharf I thought to myself, "Granny Buttons used to moor at Streethay". At that moment I spotted Granny and then I spotted Andrew himself.  We exchanged a few words across the water as we passed. We have passed Granny Buttons on the cut a few times over the years but it has always been moored up with no crew on board.  In fact the only time we have had a face to face conversation with Andrew was at Crick Boat Show a couple of years ago. So this was something of a first.

Andrew was in the process of starting Granny's engine and his words to me were "I'm off to Birmingham". So there you have it Granny watchers.

Andrew Denny & Granny Buttons at Streethay