Narrow Dog Boat for Sale - Phyllis May II

We visited Albert at her mooring in Aston Marian yesterday to carry out some maintenance. In the marina office there was a notice was displaying the sale details for Phyllis May II, the boat belonging to Terry & Monica Darlington of Narrow Dog fame that is usually moored there. It appears that they are giving up active boating and, according to their their web site, been travelling a lot since Jim the whippet died.

Phyllis May II at Aston Marina, 2013

Phyllis May II replaced their first PM that was featured in Narrow Dog to Carcassonne and in the follow-up Narrow Dog to Indian Rivers. The original PM was unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 2009 but the new boat was featured in Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier. I hope any new owner keeps the boat's name. It would be sad not to have a Phyllis May on the canal system providing a link to the very popular series of books.

The original Phyllis May at Stone, 2009