Bosley and Congleton

On Thursday the warm hot weather continued and we left for Bosley with the aim of going down the lock flight on Friday. As we were about to leave I discovered our data allocation on Three had run out and we no longer had internet access. Considering the amount of editorial and social use we had had over the last week it was probably not surprising. I had even taken a hour long web conference.

Clarence Mill, Bollington
We stopped at Bollington on the aqueduct for lunch and phoned up Three for more data. Unfortunately it doesn't come immediately so for the rest of Thursday and Friday we were not web connected. 
An interesting Canada Goose family 
(note the duckling in the foreground)
Canada Geese are found all over the canal and it is well known that family groups run nurseries to look after their young. Near Kerridge we found a variation on this where two geese were looking after twelve goslings and a stray duckling decided to join them. The adults didn't chase the duckling off and appeared to tolerate it.

Macclesfield turnover bridges

We moored up above Bosley Locks. The long line of permanent moorings above the top lock, and the lack of formal visitor moorings, makes it difficult to judge where to moor up. We chose a great location with good views across the Cheshire Plain and across to The Cloud. There were sheep in the field on one side and cattle on the other. Swallows raced up and down the cut catching insects and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Temperatures reached over 20 degrees C. On Friday morning a hare hopped along the towpath by the boat - a first for us. It stopped by a gap in the hedge and then disappeared into the field. Pity no camera handy.

Bosley Locks are set in glorious country and are a flight that you can enjoy operating. On Friday, in hot sunny weather and with little boart traffic, we really enjoyed the descent although we had to stop in the last lock for a cold drink refresher (not beer - honestly).

Descending Bosley Flight on a hot day

We took on water by Bridge 67 and had a sandwich lunch and moored up for the day at the basin in Congleton. After a trip to a local convenience store, and a excellent hardware store that appeared to have everything, we investigated the local hostelries. In the end we went for the recently refurbished The Railway Inn which, as the name suggests, is alongside the railway station. The interior design is well done and is full of local railway interest. We had two excellent dinners and they a have good selection of ales and ciders. We can recommend it. The only slight negative, was that by the evening clouds had formed and the hottest day of the year ended in  rain showers.