Bugsworth Basin

Albert at Bugsworth

Bugsworth is a delightful place to moor. It is a "golden nugget" in the canal system. Its historic significance is great because, unlike many other former industrial sites, it is basically entire and has been well preserved. It has an extensive labyrinth of basins which makes mooring a pleasure. All around the site there are boards and artifacts explaining the significance of the basin and there is also The Navigation, a free-house which is part of Bugsworth's history.

Passing a delightful cottage on the Upper Peak Forest Canal

We left Marple on Monday morning, scheduling our trip to arrive after the popular weekend Gardner Rally had finished. This made sure that we could get a mooring but it did mean that there was a steady stream of boats passing us leaving the rally. The other navigational problem was that contractors were working on a lift bridge which officially was open only from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. As a result of these problems we had a slow and challenging trip along the Upper Peak Forest Canal towards Whaley Bridge.

Views towards Kinder Scout
As might be imagined, many of the boats coming the other way were Gardner-engined and smartly turned out. An unusual boat was a small classic wooden cruiser. She was immaculately turned out. 

Classic Wooden Cruiser 

The butty Gosport passed us towed on short straps by a modern tug. Since we crossed by moored boats and a corner this was challenging steering.

Butty Gosport
We arrived at Bugsworth around lunchtime and sought a suitable mooring. We firstly attempted to moor up in the area between the upper and lower basins called The Wide where there was plenty of space, but found it too shallow. After some winding and maneuvering we ended up mooring in the Lower Basin near where we moored last time we visited. It turned out to be a good decision because we found a mooring alongside the site of the former Stone Crusher. This gave us a lovely "patio" to enjoy lunch in the afternoon sunshine.

Albert at Bugsworth Lower Basin
("Patio" to the left)
After lunch we explored the site, walked up the tramway and visited the Navigation Inn for a "quick drink". It was busy with dog walkers. 

Tug deck with miniature garden 
Today we invited four of our oldest friends to join us at Bugsworth and lunch at The Navigation. It was great meeting them and having a good natter.

Edward & Anne, Maggie (with kettle), David & Lesley 

This evening we have the best weather of the day with warm sunshine.