Etruria Junction

We left Aston Marina after the usual pump-out and fuel fill-up. The weather was glorious for most of the day and so different from Monday when we had the stove on!
Refueling at Aston Marina

CRT, and their contractors Land and Water, were dredging just outside the marina and moving equipment up and down the lock. We managed to "jump the queue" when the CRT pusher tug refused to start. The senior operator was not pleased with his assistant who was in charge as he set the lock. "Why did you stop the engine?"

We made steady progress through Stone locks, although most were set against us, and paused for lunch at the top of Meaford flight. Just by the Star Inn at Stone we met NB Columbia Star coming down and found that is was powered by a British-built Ruston 2YWA. The owner is on the point of swapping it for Gardner. Bit of a shame.

Ruston & Hornsby 2YWA in NB Columbia Star

Passing by Roger Fullers yard is always interesting and this time was no exception. Moored up was NB Apollo which we spent some time with in Leeds a few years ago. At that time it was being used as a trip boat on the River Aire taking passengers from the Royal Armories. I presume that venture was not sucessful.

Above the Stone locks was NB Victoria. Mike Askin popped his head out and waved. It appears he is now retailing fuel.
NB Victoria

At Trentham Lock we met fellow blogger NB Harnser who were travelling south had just come back from the Upper Peak Forest. We had a short chat. They provided us with good information on possible delays.

Operating T & M Locks

We eventually called it a day at the top of the Stoke flight at Etruria. Visited a useful convenience store for essential supplies. Tomorrow Harecastle Tunnel.
Bottle Kiln