Not been boating for a little while but I have carried out a few jobs on Albert (alternator changes and new radio) - but more about that later. On Saturday we came up to Aston and worked on the boat. That evening we went out to Salt to eat at the delightful Holly Bush Inn. The landlord not only runs a great pub with good food (we had excellent curries), but he puts on a fabulous show in the garden. Most of the display is based on hanging baskets and pots so he must spend hours watering and feeding, not to mention time in the greenhouse.

Holly Bush Inn, Salt

Although we travelled to the Holly Bush via car from Aston Marina, it can be accessed from the Trent & Mersey from Bridge 82. After dinner we strolled down to the T&M across the Trent meadows to reconnoiter. 

River Trent at Salt

Ornate Bridge 82, Trent & Mersey 
We can certainly recommend mooring up to investigate to investigate the Holly Bush, particularly in summer when the hostas are at their best.