Oil Filters for Ruston and Greaves 2YWM Engines

For several years I have relied on getting oil filters for our 2YWM Mk V from Phil Lizius of Longboat Engineering. The filters were sourced directly from Greaves in India. However, Phil recently indicated that he was finding it difficult to get Greaves Cotton to respond; it appears that supporting old engines is not one of their priorities.

Filters fitted to earlier British-built Ruston 2YWM are unfortunately not the same as those fitted to India-built engines. As a result I searched around and found a very helpful supplier, Rico who are based in Daventry. I have now sourced and fitted a suitable replacement element. The Baldwin P15 (601P) fits well in the housing and appears to be working effectively.

Oil Filter for Ruston (India) and Greaves Cotton 2YWM Engines