On Bank Holiday Sunday the morning was cloudy and cooler than of late. We worked our way up the Marsworth flight meeting more boats than of yesterday. We were also passed by runners on the Birmingham to London Canal Race. Starting at 6:00 AM on Saturday they were by then (9:00 AM) walking rather than running. Most were looking forward to breakfast at the Grand Junction Arms and some were confused by the towpath route. One poor guy was about to give up with sore feet.

Tring Summit 

We thought the long distance runners were quite an unusual sight until we discovered hords of school girls on a 20k sponsored walk. All from Golders Green, they told us that over 900 were taking part. They formed a never ending trail snaking up the hill. There was lots of gaiety and interest in the boats. We were told the boys would be along later and true enough some were.

Another Albert moored at Cowroast

After we crossed the summit the weather slowly improved. By the time we reached Berkhamsted the crowds we out enjoying the sun.

Taking on water at Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted totem pole

Berkhamsted port

The popular Rising Sun Inn

Most of the afternoon we went down the locks with a 31 ft boat with a crew of two young men. We ended up making a good locking team - practice makes perfect.

Eventually we called it a day just above Winkwell. Unfortunately a dead swan was floating nearby. I thought deaths of swans were notifiable but a call to DEFRA put me right - "Only interested, sir, if there are a number dead". Some advice on the web says other than this but they are the authority. A little girl who saw it floating with its head tucked under its wing said "Daddy that swans been asleep all day". Maybe we should have told the Queen that one of her royal birds was dead.