Slapton, Simpson and Yardley Gobion

On Friday June 16th we travelled north from Cowroast with the unnamed boat towards Milton Keynes. They stopped off for water at Marsworth Junction and we briefly got separated by another boat going north, but were soon back together. The weather was bright. We stopped for the night at Slapton.

A lucky angler!

We continued north with the unnamed boat on the Saturday and both stopped at Leighton Buzzard to shop. We took on water at the water point by the road bridge. A wee
ping willow by the tap spreads out over the canal is very overgrown. It creates interesting navigation!

Weeping willow problems at Leighton Buzzard

Our companions stopped off at Willowbridge where they wanted to leave they boat and we continued to Simpson mooring up for the night outside The Plough.

The Plough, Simpson
On the Sunday, Father's Day, we were joined by our daughter Emily and grandson Hugh for the final journey home to Kingfisher Marina. We found a spot near Great Linford for a picnic and our son-in-law Andy joined us. 

Hugh holding a mooring line

Hugh and Emily at Cosgrove Lock

After we got back to the marina the heavens opened - again!