Cosgrove Day Trip

With the gorgeous weather, yesterday we decided to take Albert down to Cosgrove with the plan that I would do a few minor jobs. We moved off our mooring late morning and paused at Baxters for some fuel and a pump out. While we were occupied at the wharf Alan Paine and Phil Hanwell (Kingfisher Marina owners) with NB Troy came off their mooring on the wharf and winded; they were also taking out some friends for a trip to Cosgrove and we joined in some banter about a race to Cosgrove! It takes sometime to empty Albert's holding tank so we didn't see them again until we reached Cosgove. Troy was moored up outside the Barley Mow on the pub moorings and we moored opposite and took a lunch on board.

Cosgove Bridge

My "little jobs" were touching up the hull sides and attending to a couple of rust spots, and installing some improved speakers for the audio system. The new speakers are more compact (slim) and have a brighter sound. We now have the same style of speakers throughout the boat (four).

New speaker

After the afternoon's exertions (not really) of boat maintenance, I suggested a  visit to the Barley Mow which after all it was only a walk through the horse tunnel away.  The pub was quite busy with the warm sunny weather with most people eating outside. We managed a couple of steaks for dinner and I had a pint of Everards. Not a beer I often come across nowadays but one that was a regular tipple when we lived in Loughborough. Two sets of friends we also eating in the garden so we manged a bit of a natter as well.

The evening trip back was accompanied by some spectacular views of the setting sun making it a day trip to remember.