Stoke Bruerne Village at War 2016

We decided to go to the wonderful Village at War event over the weekend but with Harvey, our 1932 Austin Seven Box Saloon (RN). The weekend started inauspiciously with heavy downpours all Saturday so we stayed at home, but today the weather came up trumps with loads of sunshine and crowds of people.


Renactors aplenty

Harvey fitted the 1940s theme well being first registered in 1932. Our friends John and Gill Hinson brought along an altogether bigger vehicle - an ex Isle of Wight 1936 Dennis Single Decker bus.

Harvey in the foreground
(the Denis bus is well in the background)

The magnificent 1936 Dennis Bus
Late in the afternoon Nick Hewer (of Countdown and The Apprentice fame) came into the vehicle park with his Austin Seven Tourer. He lives locally.

Nick Hewer and Austin Seven

Time for tea

NB Sculptor going down the locks

We had a great day and also enjoyed the drive to and from the event. Going was much quieter and we didn't cause any traffic problems but coming back the slow climb up the hills to Grafton Regis meant we had a good tail back of following traffic by the time we turned off the A508 to our village; Harvey rarely gets to 40 mph.  However, most were patient and gave use cheery waves.