Blisworth Tunnel Ghostly Video

With Halloween upon us there is a lot of spooky activity and Stoke Bruerne has joined in with ghostly trips being offered on NB Charlie. However, the most unusual Halloween-linked local event appears to be the You Tube video posted my Mike Askins who operates the Royalty Class working boat Victoria. Mike takes great videos, mostly of his own boating exploits but occasionally of others. His video channel should be regular viewing for waterways enthusiasts. I particularly enjoy watching the video he took of Fabian Hiscock and David Blagrove explaining all you need to know about handling working boats (and were afraid to ask?).

Mike's latest offering is plain brilliant! Its a video taken inside Blisworth Tunnel which features him playing Thriller (the Michael Jackson song) on a melodeon (diatonic button accordion). The Lister JP2 even joins in enhance the effects. I hope you enjoy his offering.