Waterway's Royal Mail Stamps 1993

Decoration has long been part of the boating scene and that has helped keep canal boating in particular in the public's eye. The other day whilst tidying up some long since overlooked stuff I found some packs of first-day covers. As I moved the pile into another container one fell on the floor and it just happened to be a commemorative set from 1993 celebrating 200 years of canals.

The design of the stamps was down to the well-known author, artist and designer Tony Lewery whose books Flowers Afloat and Narrow Boat Painting are probably the best texts ever written on canal art.

On the back of the pack are details of their production and size etc. and some historic and "modern" images that include Cosgrove which is local to us. The pack even includes a post card invitation from British Waterways to enter a competition (very easy) to win a boating holiday; that helped firmly date the pack because the closing date was the  end of August 1993.

I will keep the twenty-three year-old pack in a safe place. Mind you that can be dangerous because I often forget where my safe places are.