Pigeons Lock, Tackley

Monday 17th July was a memorable day. Rising early we moved Albert forward two boat lengths and promptly got good mobile internet. This enabled us to coordinate the travel plans of our visitors via Whats App. The weather was fine and sunny. The plan was to welcome Edward and Anne Winter for their cruise up the Upper Thames and Maddison Parkin and her boyfriend Jason for a day's visit. To cap it all our daughter Emily was also free to come over by car from Northamptonshire with our 4 month old granddaughter Matilda - a family and friends gathering!  In the end Maddison and Jason arrived on a northbound train from Oxford and Edward and Anne arrived on the same train on its return from Banbury. Nice when a complicated plan actually comes together.

Heyford Wharf

We met up and had an al fresco lunch at Kizzies the excellent cafe at Heyford Wharf. Just the spot for a gathering.
Heyford's Black Swan

After a great lunch Emily & Matilda left for Northants and we left Heyford to give our Canadian visitors their first experience of canal boating. This just had to include locking. We went down three locks to Pigeons and then stopped for the night.

Maddison Locking

Parkins on board

Maddison, Maggie, Jason & Steve

We had an evening meal and Maddison & Jason left to walk to Tackley station to catch the train back to where they were staying.  The rest of us wandered around the mill pond and enjoyed the warm evening sun. What a great day!