Swinford Meadows Again

We left Shifford on Thursday 20th July and headed downstream. 

We stopped for lunch near Farmoor reservoir.

Farmoor mooring

Our overnight mooring was back at the meadows at Swinford. We walked over the toll bridge into Eynsham and had a good meal at The Talbot. When I was prevaricating over my ale choice the hospitable landlord suggested I have three thirds of a pint. A great idea and interesting to compare and contrast!

Eynsham Toll Bridge 

The toll bridge is a real curiosity with cars charged 5p and multi-axle vehicles a bit more. The fees are collected by hand by collectors who stand in a small pay booth. When they have a sizable bag of cash they take it into the toll hose. Around 10,000 vehicles cross the bridge each day because its a useful short-cut. We were amazed that nearly all drivers had the right change! 

Three thirds of real ale

The plan was for Edward & Anne to get a taxi to Oxford Station on Friday morning to get a train to Sheffield.