Stony Stratford Christmas Lights 2017

Now December is here the build-up to Christmas is increasing apace. Yesterday was the switch-on of the Christmas lights in Stony Stratford. Its an event that's growing every year. In now includes a Christmas market, food stall, a fun fair, music, and the not to be forgotten annual lantern parade. Four years ago I reported on the event. Over the intervening years it's got bigger and better. This year there were hundreds of lanterns.

Lantern Parade, Stony Stratford

Waiting for the switch-on

They're on!

As before, Rose & Castle Morris, based at Stoke Bruerne, were performing.This time with a longer build-up to the switch-on, more of the event occurred during daylight and I was able to film their performance.

Rose & Castle Morris performing on Watling Street, Stony Stratford, Dec 2, 2017

I've filmed Rose & Castle before, back in 2009 at the New Year celebrations at Stoke Bruerne. I reported then that our friends Geoff and Shirley both danced and provided music for the men's side, Rose & Castle and the women's side, the Queen's Oak based in Potterspury. Geoff & Shirley are still very active with both sides. 

I see they will be back performing again at Stoke Bruerne on New Year's day. 


Alan Fincher said...

Had you been there for the morning's dancing, you would also have seen New Moon Morris.

I mention this here only because despite not being a canal related side, well over half of us own narrow boats, (multiple boats in some cases), and quite a few are live-aboard boaters.

Sadly attempts to dance canal side venues seem few and far between, although we are regulars at the "Riser" in Berkhamsted, and used to do the Stoke Bruerne Family Festival until last year, when the event sadly stopped happening.

If anyone with canal contacts can offer some likely canal-side venues we would of course be happy to follow them up.

I'm glad you enjoyed Stony, though for those not actually dancing it were a bit cold!

Steve Parkin said...

It was cold. That's why we delayed our trip to Stony and missed your side dancing. We didn't fancy staying too long in the cold.

Good luck.