Albert having a Repaint

Last August I noted in a post that we were considering having Albert repainted. Our last repaint was successful and it lasted well, but on the basis that much of the paintwork has faded and a few spots of rust had appeared, we felt it was time to have a repaint before serious deterioration set in. A few of our friends have commented that we hadn't had it done that long ago - I had to remind them that the last paint job was 10 years ago!

Albert looking shiny - but this is the good side and its just after the rain!

Having arranged with Colin Dundas for a slot at his facilities in March, I rang up Colin recently and discovered that he could move us forward into February because of a change in plans for another client. This was OK by us because the dock is heated and humidity is monitored. So last weekend we moved Albert north to High House Wharf.

I got the boat prepared in the rain on Saturday. I could not resist taking a photo of the sign-writing because, somewhat ironically, it looked really good in the rain. On Sunday we made our way north going up the Stoke Bruerne flight alone and with only a pair of boats coming south. The dry bright but cold weather had brought out the walkers and both the canal-side pubs at Stoke looked busy. It's great boating on days like that.


In the top pound Stoke Bruerne Flight

Stoke Bruerne Top Lock
CRT installing mooring rings at Stoke Bruerne

We made High House around 4:30 PM. At this time of the year that's just before dusk. We winded and then moored up just outside the dock. The process wasn't made easy by a plonker mooring a boat right opposite the winding hole! There was plenty room all along the section between the bridge and the marina - a typical case of "not engaging brain". We winded with only a few inches to spare. 

On the Monday I moved Albert into the dock and discussed paint matters. A few sheets of thin ice had formed overnight on the surface of the canal. We are basically going for the same scheme but with a few minor changes/improvements. I think the first job will be removing the windows.