Repaint Finished

Today Albert left the dock at High House Wharf. Colin and I spent the afternoon fitting the the fenders, reinstating paraphernalia such as the planks and the cratch cover, and then juggling boats around on the wharf. Tomorrow Colin is signwriting a boat.

Albert does look a treat and we are really delighted with the job Colin Dundas has done.

Out of the Dock

Pigeon Box

Bow Decoration

Reconditioned Stern Doors
(Dollies are now red)

Detail of New Scumbling & Harlequin stripe

Colin's identification "tag"


KevinTOO said...

WOW, not that is certainly a shine :)
Very smart, you must be so proud :)

Steve Parkin said...

Thanks, we are delighted.

Nev Wells said...

That looks a top job, enjoy ....

Ade said...

Top drawer job that from the photo’s, recommendation enough for Colin Dundas I guess.

Steve Parkin said...

You guess right Ade. Colin's work is first rate and we recommend him.